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Young. Old. Asian. American. Chinese. Short. Smiley. Loving.

Likes Nishikido Ryo an unhealthy amount, adores Ueda Tatsuya almost as much, giggles at Kanjani8 at every opportunity, believes KAT-TUN is going to be okay, thinks Shige is made of fail but loves him, talks about NEWS almost too much, enjoys Arashi more than she lets on, loves Kobayashi Ryoko, still sort of dabbles in the Prince of Tennis and lots of dramas.

Writes, draws, fails at the second, fails at the first, sings, talks, rambles, laughs, frowns, complains. Is an AP student, an honors student, does well in school but never well enough. Thinks that fandom heals most wounds and the deepest are for the friends to cast their spells on. Smiles too much, flails too much, gets confused too much.

I will love you as much as you care to love me. Possibly more, idek, but probably not less.

Comment to be added. :D
I signed up to do art for the pinjuice Big Bang Challenge. This was done as accompaniment to the fic by the lovely joshua_glass, One Night in Port Royal (NC-17, pirate!AU), which is amazing. Like, seriously, if you're not here because of it, then go read it. Now.

Warnings: Um. A naked chest. And Jin as a merperson, but you don't see his tail anyway. XD Oh, and my fail scenery.
Just keep swimming.Collapse )

It doesn't really correlate with any particular scene from the story, but I imagined that this is what they ended up doing most of the time before Pi gets rescued.

Oct. 2nd, 2011

Hi, I fear I have an addiction to diet Coke. And I may or may not have the biggest idol!crush on Chris Colfer. I also am a fail and cannot color rocks. I slept for 3 hours in the evening and am now wide awake, so I'm doing homework. I currently crave French fries and avocados. Not together. School is busy. Life is busy. Homework is plenty. I need pants for the winter.

Did I mention I'm writing a screenplay? Um, yes.

This has been a post.

Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

I don't remember things like how I was feeling, or what I said. I don't even recall if school was cancelled or not. What I do remember is my father coming home very late that night after I asked my grandmother countless times when he was returning because I didn't want to eat potatoes and green beans.

My father tells me that I asked, once I understood, "Dad, what are we going to do if Bin Laden comes to our house?" I know I had the thought, but it's very hazy and I didn't know I had actually asked about it until he said something. I was seven years old; there is no way I could have possibly fathomed the magnitude of what had occurred.

To be honest, even after living with the after-effects for more than half my life, I still don't.

Sometimes, I really don't like America. There's so much endless bickering, to the point where I refuse to become heavily involved in politics because I don't want to deal with that. I know it's selfish, but I've sat through so many heated political debates in my classrooms that became so inane because both sides stopped giving good points and simply began attacking each other instead.

And then there are moments when I'm incredibly proud to be an American, if only because most
people can set aside their differences for a national tragedy.

Here I am. Raw, unrehearsed.
peekaboo.Collapse )

Hi, guys, popping in quickly to beg all of you with a Facebook account to vote for me on the Kawaii.i fashion contest. My entry is here; I really want to win (though it's unlikely), so please help and vote if you have some time to spare! ♥

Thank you for your time.

We're visiting my sister for her birthday, so at 7 in the morning tomorrow, I get to board a flight to the Big Apple. Am I looking forward to it? Yes, because I like New York. And no, because I'm broke and my parents are stingy. We're going to visit a couple colleges and see a musical, and fill the rest of our time doing god knows what. 8D

No, I have not packed yet.

Oh well. Be back very late on Sunday! I'll have my phone so I'll be twittering, but idk if I'm bringing my laptop since I don't want to carry it. /D;;

May. 26th, 2011

Since a lot of people are doing voiceposts, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and do one too. :D Mostly because I'm too lazy to type out everything I want to talk about, lol. So for your ease of listening, I recorded both a real life post and a fandom post because some of you are only interested in one, I'm sure. XD

in which I talk a lot.Collapse )

In other news... I am almost done with school! :D Just 3 more days of instruction and then 3 days of finals and then I'll be done with my junior year. I'm going to be a senior, guys. That's scary. I remember when I was just getting into high school. .__.

May. 14th, 2011

My life. It is boring. I've basically spent the last two weeks taking AP tests and watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is a freaking fantastic show. Like, legit, it's awesome. I'm on Book Two now, on the episode after they meet Toph, and I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying the series. I'd caught bits and pieces as it was aired, and reruns, but the entire storyline all pieced together is even better. *o* ♥

Kind of makes me want to write fic (set in the universe). But then, the "WHITE" PV also made me want to write fic, so that's kind of how the trend is going. XD

But in any case, I've been looking to go shopping for a while now, so I dragged my mother out today and we went to Macy's and DSW (on account of the coupons >__>).

the best shoes ever. plus other stuff.Collapse )

And now, time to watch more Avatar and avoid writing/doing homework. \:D/

Apr. 23rd, 2011

Happily enough, Wong Fu Productions came to the University of Chicago today to talk. My friend Emily (who has the same name as my sister, lol) and I both love Wong Fu, so we decided to hit the road and drive (all of one hour) to see them. :3

Details under the cut. :DCollapse )

Overall, I had so much fun. Wong Fu were so nice and funny and really amicable despite having to sign a ton of stuff and take pictures with a bunch of people. They didn't even mind when I asked them to sign one more sticker in the lobby. XD I really hope they come back again over their next tour, so I can go again. :3

And to close, I'll leave you with a camwhore picture from when I was waiting to be picked up.

Mar. 18th, 2011

This post is also very important to me.

Well, we got permission to do the T-shirts and we're selling them starting Monday. Pre-orders only, so we can get them printed over break and then do what we can from there. I finished making the designs and am currently almost completely sleepless because of it, but it's going to be worth it. I just know it is.

Final designsCollapse )

If you're interested in buying one, the shirts are going to be $10 dollars apiece. But, if I include shipping, they work out to $17 each if you live in the US, and probably more if you live overseas. Dx I wish it weren't so expensive, but shouganaization. .__. I can't pay for much on my own; that's why we're doing presale at school. But every penny of profit goes to the Red Cross, so I don't make anything off this at all. ♥

I'm also selling them at help_japan here. The two highest bidders will get both shirts and free shipping.

I'll start taking orders now, and shirts will be printed in two weeks or so. From there, I'll ship shirts ASAP. Leave me your size (adult S-XL, I think), the T-shirt you want ("hope" or "together"), and your email so I can get your address later. And feel free to offer them to your friends and family! (/sneaky marketing ploy) The costs will be reduced to $10 per shirt and $7-$16 dollars for shipping in the US, depending on how many I can cram into a single box.

Thank you again for your time. ♥

Feb. 15th, 2011

My life is such a rollercoaster right now. One day it's up because of something awesome, and then it's down because I can't take people anymore. There's less stress now that the musical's been settled, but I can't help but feel kind of like an outcast in choir now, because I just get to sit around and loaf during 6th period. (and by "loaf," I mean "study or help with menial tasks.") Oh well.

In any case, I'm so excited for Jin and his US debut. I've been flailing about it since I found out. XD I texted like three people at 2:30AM on Sunday because that was when the news was posted, and I've shoved the info on people who neither know nor care. XD I'm just absolutely elated, because it means such enormous things for the international music industry. I would love to share the music I know and love with the people who never could appreciate it until now. I just hope I'm not driving if it comes on the radio, because I'll flail and crash and... lol my life.

Also props to whoever came up with the collab with Jason Derulo. They actually have marketing skills that make sense in the US.

The downside of life? I hate people. Particularly a few girls in my PE class because it's just physical education. I just want to smack a couple of other people around too, but I don't think I'm allowed to do that, particularly on school grounds.

Another upside: it's going to be warm (60 degrees Fahrenheit and 15.6 degrees Celcius) on Thursday! In February. :D I fully plan to wear shorts, just because I can. My birthday is also less than three and a half weeks away. :3 March 7th, yo~
So to celebrate my happy news from this morning, Lizzie and I went for lunch at the mall and then we went shopping. Since I've been saving for a really long time so I could go jewelery shopping, I ended up buying... not jewelery. XD Well, I did, but I bought more than I planned to.

belts and a shirt and other things.Collapse )

My Valentinr - drphoenix

That's all for now! :D I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far~ ESPECIALLY WITH THE KISUMAI DEBUT NEWS. 8D I... finally learned their names? XD
I'm pretty much falling over and dying right now because CollegeBoard sent me an email last night to say that SAT scores were now online. I conked out at 7:30 and it wasn't until this morning that I decided to stop being a wuss and get up to do things, and after schmooping around for an hour online, I finally checked my college/school gmail and saw the email.

I thought I'd done rather awfully on the one subject test I took because I didn't answer two questions and the test had been harder than I'd anticipated. I was expecting something like a 770 or whatever (out of 800), but when I finally remembered my login and password...


I am so elated right now, you have no idea whatsoever alkfja;sdkfsd
EIGHT HUNDRED. THAT'S FULL POINTS. It basically means that I either got everything else right, or missed only one question besides the two I didn't answer. My life. It is joy and sparkles and my mom is so happy, she's taking me out to lunch later. 8D

alkfjsald I MIGHT GET INTO COLLEGE, GUYS. Now if only I wanted to major in something math/science-related. >.>
Meeeeemes~ instead of doing my homework lol.

First a random one stolen from ryogrande.


And a handwriting meme nabbed from a few people. :3 Even more illegible than usual!Collapse )

In less me-ish news, this week is going to be busy busy busy and my reel and whiteday haven't been touched in so long, idk what I'm going to do. D;
Last night, I became a fangirl of the most average kind.

...by which I mean I put up posters I got in magazines of NEWS and KAT-TUN and Kanjani8 because I had nothing to do and midnight seemed like a great time to start. :Db (why no, I didn't really get much sleep.)

My oddly aesthetically pleasing wall.Collapse )

Also, I am a cowgirl in the musical. My name is Jane. I get to dance (frick) and learn how to lasso a cowboy (...frick). I'm also not showing up to rehearsal on my birthday. Period. Especially if there's badminton that day, which there will be. I've decided that badminton will take precedence over the musical no matter what, whether it's practice or rehearsal or whatever. Also, sleep > internet once March starts rolling in. ;__; I'll be on twitter?

...brb dying. My ankle might put me out of commission for a little while too (rolled it badly in P.E., which furthers my defense of why physical education is detrimental to my health), but we'll see how it heals.


Jan. 30th, 2011

Everyone these days seems to have a Formspring. My classmates, random people I know, blah blah blah. There was an article about it in the school paper and I facepalmed. But I made one, halfway because I'm curious what kinds of probably stupid questions people (particularly my classmates) would ask me if they got the chance to do it anonymously, but I don't think anyone hates me enough to actually ask anything interesting.

So yes, you can find my Formspring here. Ask me anything.

And that's basically it, other than me getting new glasses and trimming my bangs. My life is boring as of now.

...but I really love my glasses. :D I picked them out of the men's section two weeks ago and they fit really well and don't smudge every ten minutes, which is very nice.
First things first. Hi, impynymph! We haven't gotten a chance to properly greet each other yet, and I'm sorry for the sudden add. ryogrande made me do it. >.> In any case, my name is Rose, I'm terribly awkward kind of shy, jailbait a student, and I like to abuse strikeout text flail all over the place. :Dv ♥

So. Today I went to the Shakespeare theatre on Navy Pier with my English class to see As You Like It, which was terribly hilarious. The actors were amazing, the set was really creatively done, and overall, it was a very enjoyable show. :3 I also had a fantastic hot dog afterward, but that's less important... I guess. >.> My feet hurt from clomping around in 4.5 inch heels all day, but overall I'm just kind of tired and I still have Euro reading to finish.

Although technically I'd have been done with Euro half an hour ago if I hadn't suddenly been like, "I WANT TO DRAW 8D" and uh... doodled. I blame Yamapi for this one, because Supergood/Superbad came out today and I've been kind of listening to it since I got home.

I'm super super.Collapse )

In other news, I am loving the Step Up series of movies. I just finished Step Up 2: The Streets during dinner and oh man, do I adore watching dance, especially hip hop. I wish I were mobile enough to do that sort of thing, but I'm pretty happy just watching too. :3 Also, badminton open gyms start this week. I'm going to start getting busy in February, and in March/April you probably won't see much of me unless you're on my twitter. Consider this a continuation of the semi-hiatus I was on during finals week. ♥

Jan. 22nd, 2011

A meme, stolen from ryogrande.

Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts you will never know who it is.

I'm curious. Anything goes.

Also, hooray for post-traumatizing-SAT-test shopping!Collapse )

tl;dr I bought clothes and shoes and the space in my closet is slowly diminishing. Now I need a shopping trip for jewelery once spring rolls around. 8D

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