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Young. Old. Asian. American. Chinese. Short. Smiley. Loving.

Likes Nishikido Ryo an unhealthy amount, adores Ueda Tatsuya almost as much, giggles at Kanjani8 at every opportunity, believes KAT-TUN is going to be okay, thinks Shige is made of fail but loves him, talks about NEWS almost too much, enjoys Arashi more than she lets on, loves Kobayashi Ryoko, still sort of dabbles in the Prince of Tennis and lots of dramas.

Writes, draws, fails at the second, fails at the first, sings, talks, rambles, laughs, frowns, complains. Is an AP student, an honors student, does well in school but never well enough. Thinks that fandom heals most wounds and the deepest are for the friends to cast their spells on. Smiles too much, flails too much, gets confused too much.

I will love you as much as you care to love me. Possibly more, idek, but probably not less.

Comment to be added. :D
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NEWS Fan! And a Ryo and Shige fan at that. Would you mind if I add you?

Sure~ adding you back. :3
I'm Anne from Philippines
I like JE especially Arashi, NEWS, hsj and KAT-TUN
I also like Kobayashi Ryoko and Prince of Tennis (anime) I'm shipping NarusexShiori XD

Let's be friends ^_^

btw, I took some pics in your Kobayashi Ryoko pimp post..can I repost it?
Sure, nice to meet you, Anne! :D lol, not a huge Naruse/Shiori fan, but I love Maou *___*

It's not up to me, but if you credit your sources, it should be fine!
Thanks! I already added you ^_^

Ok, I'll just credit you 'coz I got those pics from you ^_^
Hi! ryogrande tells me I should be friends with you. I'm a big Ryo and Kanjani8 fan, among other things. Friends?
Hi! :D Sure, it's nice to meet you~
Can i just say...I totally agree with everything you just said!!! xD
And I hope KATTUN will be ok as well. SUPER JE FAN HERE!!! OH and a Jdrama junkie. Friends?
hi there! :D
Sure, adding you~
So I've just been told by yararanger that I have to follow you on Twitter and LJ, so here I am, because clearly I am totally whipped >_> I am, however, very glad to be here because she talks about you a lot and I'm always too scared to talk to people I don't know without being pushed into it >_> :Dv I'm Vix, btw XDDD
Hi! :D;; I have the same problem, so I'm glad yararanger pushed one of us into it. >.> I'm Rose, nice to meet you. :3

Also, twitter is a douchebag and will not accept my acceptance of your following request. ;___; So I'm making my twitter public for a little while so we don't have to deal with the 'accept request' wtfery going on. Sorry for the trouble, could you please try again? ;^; (I swear I'm not usually this high-maintenance. Dx)
Hi~ :D

I've followed your account again now that it's unlocked, although Twitter is still being difficult for me, too D: Did you get my @reply?
Yes, I did! :D But I relocked my twitter and you're not showing up in my followers, so idk if you're really following me or not. .___. *kicks Twitter*
ffff I tried again! *crosses everything*
aaaargh. Maybe it'll work tomorrow? Dx For now, I'll unlock my twitter until you show up in my followers list. :\

Deleted comment

Hello! :D

Thank you! You sounded amazing too. ♥