Rose (drphoenix) wrote,

Hi, I fear I have an addiction to diet Coke. And I may or may not have the biggest idol!crush on Chris Colfer. I also am a fail and cannot color rocks. I slept for 3 hours in the evening and am now wide awake, so I'm doing homework. I currently crave French fries and avocados. Not together. School is busy. Life is busy. Homework is plenty. I need pants for the winter.

Did I mention I'm writing a screenplay? Um, yes.

This has been a post.
Tags: je l'adore beaucoup, real life, rose fails, rose/diet coke otp, this post is pointless, writing
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Oh hay, I also have a crush on Chris. Join the club. :D

What kind of screenplay are you writing? And don't work yourself to death! ♥
did I mention my immense one on Darren Criss too? Oh, the things we have in common. XD ♥

it's a high school story about how technology impacts the social lives of teenagers, told from the perspective of a kid named Colton Weber. Things like autocorrect, internet porn, and passive aggression are addressed and whatnot. It's a lot of fun. XD I've only got about 12 pages cranked out of it thus far, but the entire storyline is just about set up. :3

thanks, darling. ♥